ABGA Registered Full Blood 
Boer Goats
Rick Williams 
6101 Beach Smith Rd
Kinsman, OH 44428
Cell:  (330) 974-4035
Email: goatboy148@gmail.com

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Located in North East Ohio. We bought four full blood Boer goats ten years ago.  My family and I are primarily into color goats: blacks, reds, spotted and dappled.  We have built our herd on the finest bloodlines available. These include Freedom Farms Zorro, Ennobled KNRS Static and our new spotted and dappled full blood influence of Ashes Kung- Fu Panda. Special thanks to Steve and Helen Humpal from Freedom Farms Boer goats for all their special help with starting our herd ten years ago. My family consists of myself Rick Williams and my three children: Danielle, Hunter and Jacob. 
Cabin Creek Ranch

AKC Boxers
Red, Blacks, Spotted, Dappled